"It takes a comedian to know a comedian and Steve just instinctively knows how to 'get the shot'.

The pictures that capture the joy, laughter and camaraderie of those off stage moments and what it is to be part of the gang of clowns. Equally he has got such a brilliant eye for getting those pictures that seem to get the very essence of the comic. The thing that definds them on stage. I'm usually caught in an exaggerated cartoon like pose...and this is me in a nut shell."




FINE ART PRINTS FOR SALE from £120 - £500

Printed on Giclée fine art photographic paper. 

All Steve's pictures are very special, unique and limited to 50 (A4 size) and 25 (A3 size).

On a select few the comedian in the picture as well as Steve have signed the print. These are limited to only 8. You can find these photographs HERE


Click on the photograph to see more. Or if you see any other photo you like please let Steve know.




“Being a performer himself gives Steve Best a unique access to and understanding of comics. He knows where to find us, lurking and laughing in corridors or getting ‘into the zone’  backstage. I love his photographs because they show the timeless beauty of the theatre or comedy club. He captures the huge variety of emotions that comics will whirl through in one show. You can tell from the photos that he’s one of us and he ‘gets’ us."



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