Steve does a wonderful talk/show/lecture about his journey through being a stand-up comedian to a photographer to the baffling world of publishing, and out the other end to who knows where?
There are plenty of jokes and slides and insights into the comedy world, to the cameras he uses, to the whys, and dos and don'ts!
Perfect for arts centres, camera clubs, universities and schools

I wonder if you realise just how much we enjoyed it, and in so many ways.

We loved the photographs. We were seeing real people, each with her or his own characters and foibles. You seem to have an ability not only to capture individuals' feelings, anxieties and real joy, but also the way they interact with their audiences and fellow entertainers.

You gave us just the right amount of technical information: enough to satisfy those who wanted some details on equipment and practice; not so much that it swamped the real magic of your image making.

You have inspired many of us with the way you engage with your subjects, and how you have an obvious empathy with them that goes beyond picture taking. This surely is the most important lesson you gave us: the importance of engaging with our subjects.

We really appreciated your willingness to stay on and chat away with us about your (and our) photography long after the the appointed end time.

Above all, it was an enormously entertaining evening, there was not a dull moment. Several members have already expressed interest in seeing your exhibition, and we'll certainly be in touch in case there is a chance of having that cup of coffee together.

Chris Jennings, Horsham Photographic Society

February 2021

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“Steve Best easily combines his ability to entertain and interact with people, with his stunning and insightful photography of internationally recognized comedians.  His ‘eye’ for expertly capturing the decisive moment with his photographs tells the viewer a story about the entertainer, while always capturing the emotion and tension of the moment.  Everyone interested in entertainment and street photography should seek out and attend one of Steve’s presentations.”

Cliff Harvey, Bedford Camera Club

"Steve gave probably the ‘Best’ talk our camera club has had. The mix of humour, photographs of other comics and anecdotes of cameras and comics made for a very enjoyable evening."

New Malden Camera Club

"I thought the lecture was excellent, a good mix of behind the scenes comedy and photography.

I loved the B&W shots.  They are images only an insider can get."
Cov Shakleford, Kingston Camera Club

“Steve’s an amazing photographer, especially of comedians. Being a comedian himself, he always knows how to get to the identity behind the face - whether it a be straight, deadpan or funny one."




Jo McNally

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