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I'm a teacher of all things funny

STEVE BEST Stand-Up Comedy Course

  • Learn how to write comedy


  • Be more confident


  • Perform a best man/woman speech


  • Bucket list bucketed


During the course you will learn how to:

  • Create comedy routines.


  • Write jokes using a variety of structures.


  • Give a great first impression.


  • Connect with your audience.


  • Deal with nerves.


  • Perform confidently on stage.

  • Properly use a microphone.


Steve Best is hugely experienced at teaching stand-up. He is the visiting comedy lecturer at Middlesex University's Performance & Drama department, and has been since 2011.


"Steve is a fantastic teacher-practitioner. Everyone always really enjoy working with him, benefitting immensely from his generous insights as a professional comedian and his thoughtful and supportive approach to teaching performance skills. Steve's engaging group workshops provide excellent advice, helping everyone construct comedy material and discovering effective, funny ways of performing it.” - Dr. Sam Beale (course director, Middlesex University)

ONE to ONE teaching

Small group teaching - maximum of 6 people


I also teach on the Amused Moose Comedy Course - HERE 

Email for more information

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